Seals of the Active Pass

Eagles are guarding Fraser waters where river flows into Strait of Georgia:
Ferry from Tsawwassen terminal is heading to the Victoria. It’s a good reference object for us as we are going same direction and have to find narrow Active Pass, which is not seen from the water. Mayne Island Lighthouse will be seen soon:
We are at the east entrance of the Pass. I like the houses situated here:
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Lu'au, Kālua, Imu and other stuff

Taking part in Lu’au, Hawaiian feast:
az24(Te Au Moana)
The Kālua process is used for food preparation during Lu’au. It’s a simple process: dig a hole in the ground, fill it with fire, catch and add wild pig, cover with the soil, and cook. Then, when you believe it’s ready, dig pig out and put it on the stretcher:
This Kālua technology is a traditional Hawaiian food processing method that utilizes an imu what means underground oven. Nothing unusual. Pork will be served soon:
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